About us

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We are a local company looking to provide a valuable service for our community. Our goal is to help Oahu’s residents eat cleaner tastier meals, that would help improve their quality of life.

Based on North Shore of Oahu. We intend to expand throughout the island and make our products and services available to everyone. We support local farmers and all our ingredients are sourced locally.

Owners chef Alejandro Enderica and Jeffrey Deutschmann have envisioned Aina Meals servicing the community for some time. They know that the dedication and variety they will apply to every meal will make eating healthy easy.

Aina Meals recipes will provide a balanced variety between local and international cuisine, with a goal to keep your taste buds always satisfied.

Diet Meal Delivery Honolulu

We thank you for been a customer of Aina Meals and we would really appreciate some feed back so we can continue to serve you better.